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Development of entrepreneurial activities is of paramount importance to achieve economic growth. Entrepreneurs achieve the important task of identifying the right opportunities for investments, innovation and employment creation, and thereby help direct the flow of capital into productive sectors of the economy. Entrepreneurs create new skills, assets and markets. As such, Entrepreneurship plays a significant role in the country's development. As a result, leaders have always embraced entrepreneurship as an important tool in building wealth and in building sustainable local economies.

In order to promote establishment of new enterprises and creation of new entrepreneurs both the central and state governments are implementing various schemes and programs. Although there are schemes and incentives available for the entrepreneurs, certain section of entrepreneurs could not be successful as others. The reason attributed to those failures is lack of business and finance knowledge.

Entrepreneurship Education

Having realized the importance of providing education on entrepreneurship, various institutions have started courses on entrepreneurial development. It is important to have a formal education on entrepreneurship. Reports indicate that the entrepreneurs who have had a formal learning are successful. There is a demand for education programs specifically designed to expand students' knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship.

Akara realize the importance of providing the knowledge of business and basic finance to the students who aspire to become an entrepreneur. The portal provides comprehensive information about entrepreneurship and its importance, various schemes that are available, few case studies. It enables the students to understand the concept of entrepreneurship and in preparing the business plan.

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